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Our story so far.

The Brand

Knit13 does to knitwear what has never been done before: it gives its customers the opportunity to truly customize their own designer knitwear pieces.

You, as a knitwear lover, will be able to adjust not only the colours of your favourite designer jersey, you will also be able to have your own words or quote or a stunning picture knitted right on your piece of knitwear. We will offer jerseys, cardigans, dresses and scarfs.

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The knitwear lovestory

The story of Knit13 is inseparably entangled to my own family history. It all started way back, on that one day in 1920 when the father of my great grandfather decided to set up his own business: a knitting factory.

Ever since that day, knitting was attached to my family like peas to carrots or gin to tonic. For five generations, my ancestors refined their knowledge, their techniques and their markets in knitwear.

And me? I practically grew up in my father’s knitting factory. The different yarns and swatches went through my baby hands. I played hide and seek in the warehouse and soaked up the knitting business since I was 4 feet tall.
As a young lady I was wild and escaped. I searched for my destiny in science and became a biologist. Then motherhood came across and gave me two gorgeous kids.
But the yarn kept tickling, my heart kept pounding for the love of knitwear. It never left me. Slowly, step by step, an interesting idea developed in my mind. And after months of refining this idea, Knit13 was born.

So now it is my turn now to savour my passion, choose for innovation and preserve this skill for the future generation.

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